Best Portable Radio – Buyer’s Guide

It’s convenient to assume that the radio has lost its role in the entertainment sphere with the advent of streaming platforms. But it obviously isn’t the case. Know that the fine, old-fashioned charm of listening to the radio is impossible to ignore. Listening to the radio is nostalgic, and it’s difficult to let go of the little tradition of listening to the radio for many people. Walk back into memory lane with these best portable radios on the market.

Portable Radio

Things to consider before buying a portable FM/AM radio

There are a few basic components to remember before you launch your search for the best portable AM/FM radio and read radio feedback. It should make your quest simpler to know what to look for, skim through the radio ratings faster and help you find the top portable radio for your needs. Second, when buying the right portable outdoor radio, sound quality should be considered.
In selecting the device with the greatest performance, the battery life of a portable AM, FM, or DAB radio must always be taken into account. If you often intend to use the radio out of the building, all you need is a battery-operated radio with longer battery life. It is possible that you are intending to use it with headphones and on the go if you are looking for the right radio for your bag. Ultimately, you should get a portable radio that will benefit you from all circumstances.
Radio is also the most common medium for people to listen to music, news, reviews, and insightful podcasts around the world. We’ve put together a guide to help you enjoy radio at the house, at work, or on trips, parties, and adventures. We’ll show you now which features to look for when purchasing the right portable AM FM radio.
Digital vs. Analog There are clear distinctions between the two. Digital radio has better signal quality and filters out background noise. It also allows you access to more coverage in general. It’s important to note that many modern radios would be able to listen to analog channels as well.
Analog provides a deeply realistic feel to audiences by stretching the antenna to reach nearby stations. However, there are apparent disadvantages if you live in more isolated areas where simple signals can be difficult to obtain.
Sound Quality Obviously, everybody deserves the highest sound quality for their listening experience. When using AM/FM dials, a standard mono speaker will also provide the output you need. Stereo speakers create a stronger sound, but they are also too large to be compact.
Design Portable radios are a perfect way to show off your design designs while also encouraging you to tailor your listening habits. Maybe you want a traditional AM/FM dial? Or do you want a more innovative, vibrant approach with a lot of digital elements? Ask yourself these questions.
Price The initial cost of radio is one aspect, but the continuing cost of batteries and other uses is much more significant. Before buying a radio, keep in mind that the cost of batteries is not included in the original cost. The majority of the models need 4 or 6 AAA batteries, which can add up fast. Devices with LCD displays and big speakers would almost certainly use more power, resulting in a higher battery expenditure.
Power Source Many portable radios come with battery and AC cord or adaptor choices. With technical advances, USB ports and even solar power are now available. You can also use USB ports to listen to MP3s via the radio speaker.
Antenna & Reception Quality Antennas are important for people who live far away from towns or radio stations. A high-quality telescopic antenna assists in signal reception. You can quickly get access to distant networks and watch your favorite program with a long antenna. One of the most critical things to look for in a decent radio is the antenna.
Portability Evidently, the ease at which radio can be carried around would be a major consideration when selecting the right portable radio. Some people like finding something that will pass around at home. Others may choose something more portable, such as something that can be used indoors or outdoors, or while doing dishes or repairing a vehicle. You should often consider how much and how far away you want to use your radio.
When determining how much you want to use your device, battery life is important. If the battery life is adequate, you can be assured that you will have a fixed period of time.
Other Features Check for any special cables you may need, as well as if the radio has a bearing strap. Some people like wearing straps, while others do not. Other features to remember include waterproof exteriors, LED displays, and built-in amplifiers. There are a slew of other factors to remember, including frequency spectrum, child lock features, power indicators, and Bluetooth features.

Portable AM FM Radio: FAQ

What type of radio is best for emergencies?

In your emergency kit, the federal government suggests providing rechargeable batteries or hand-crank radio with NOAA weather control and warnings. Of course, battery-operated devices are a must, as long as you store extra batteries in your emergency kit for these. Consider, though, a radio that takes power from an external source as well, such as an AC converter for when you have power.

How long do batteries last in a portable radio?

Most two-way radios come with battery packs which, before being drained, can be charged, used, and recharged several times. This varies, however, on the size of the battery, but batteries will usually operate for 10-14 hours among charges in analog mode. This rises to 14-16 hours while in digital mode.

Is digital radio better than analog?

Radio stations also relay both standard analog signals and digital signals concurrently, which can be picked up by a digital receiver. Digital transmissions provide greater sound quality than analog, and are free of charge, excluding satellite radio services.

Does FM radio still work?

The FM transmitting band lies under the VHF portion of the radio spectrum around the world. People will be able to continue listening to FM and AM radio stations in vehicles and at home on older platforms until 2032. Analogue was supposed to begin closing down in 2015, but as a consequence of slower than anticipated digital radio take-up, this was placed on hold.

Is AM radio dead?

AM isn’t gone, yet. But if you just want to do things differently, bring back a technology that has crashed once. Nevertheless, for years, AM radio has already been in decline, with many AM stations each year going out of service. As of the end of 2015, there are still just 4,684 remaining

1. Panasonic RF-2400D – Best Portable AM FM Radio Ever

Panasonic RF-2400D Portable Radio
30,603 Reviews
Panasonic RF-2400D Portable Radio


Item Weight 16 Ounces
Product Dimensions 3.23 x 9.21 x 4.8 inches
RF 2400 AM/FM Analogue Tuner Frequency Range FM 87 to 108MHz (50kHz step) AM 520 to 1730kHz (9/10kHz step)
Audio System Power Output (RMS) 770mW Max other power source battery DC 6V (R6/LR6, AA, UM 3) x 4, AC 120 V, 560Hz
Earphone/ Headphone (3.5 millimeter) yes (mini/mono)
Batteries (not included) 4 x AA
Big Radio Dial Panel Yes
Speaker 10 cm, with precise station tuner
Power Source AC & Battery
Ferrite Antenna Yes

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This is a simple, conventional, compact analog radio with great sound and very quick features. It fits with an adaptor cord and the possibility of batteries being used. For fast browsing, it has a mono headphone jack and a large analog dial. An excellent attribute of this portable radio is the ability to quickly pick up FM and AM stations.

Easy and Convenient to Use

A little finger-sized edge that sits on top of the carrying handlebar is another cool little feature of this radio. This allows it to hang or be held around on your finger easily from either place, making things easier when you work or play. For seniors, the very broad tuning lever and easy-to-view dial make it a perfect feature as well.

Wide Frequency Range

Since this is an analog radio, listening to the normal digital channels is limited. However, it has a broad frequency range, from FM 87 to 108 MHz (step 50 kHz) and from AM 520 to 1730 kHz (step 9/10 kHz).


Overall, this is excellent for those who want a conventional radio approach. This kind of traditional approach could be favored by some people because you can focus on basic technologies and escape the need for new digital features like Bluetooth.

Pros Cons
A traditional and simple radio Cannot pick up digital stations
User-friendly dials and knobs
Pick up stations very well

Panasonic RF-2400 Video Review

2. FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio, NOAA – Amazon’s Choice

FosPower Emergency Portable Radio
33,849 Reviews
FosPower Emergency Portable Radio


Item Weight 10.88 Ounces
Product Dimensions 6.2 x 2.9 x 2.1 inches
Radio Bands Supported 7-Band
Power Source Solar, Battery, Hand Crank, to regenerate enough power to keep the radio, lights, and SOS alarm ready to go when you need it most
Hardware Interface USB
Connections USB
Frequency Range AM:520-1710KHz, FM:87-108MHz, WB:162.400-162.550MHz
Working Voltage 2.7-4.2V
Power Bank 2000mAh to provide emergency power to any small tablet or phone
Power Consumption 2W (MAX)
Batteries x3 AAA 1.5V LR03 (Not Included), to have power when not able to regenerate power
Waterproof Level IPX-3 Water Resistance
Control Panel Tuner Dial
NOAA Emergency Weather Broadcast Access To receive emergency weather forecasts and emergency news broadcasts from NOAA and AM/FM stations
Included Features 1W LED flashlight with zoom, an SOS alarm, 2 LED lights

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The weather radio allows you the tools to use in emergencies and non-emergency settings. The device comes with a 1W zoom LED torch, SOS warning, 2000mAh battery reserve, 2 LED lamps, access to radio transmissions, and 3 options for powering emergency power.

Rechargeable and Solar Powered Battery

Not only is the radio operated by a rechargeable battery, so when you’re in a pickle, you can utilize the solar, crank, and AA batteries as well. All this power goes not just into the radio which picks up AM/FM and NOAA channels, but also into a reading lamp and a torch as the light sources.

Powerbank and SOS Warning

This emergency radio functions as a 2000mAh power bank, so if you need it, you will be able to use your phone in an emergency, it fits most USB-powered devices. It even packs a super loud SOS warning that when you’re in danger will be sure to draw attention.


One of the most fashionable emergency radio choices out there is undoubtedly the FOS Power emergency radio. This emergency radio has all the basics, plus it is very moderately priced and comes with a short lifetime guarantee on top of that.

Pros Cons
Reading light and flashlight AM and FM only
Extendable antenna
Good and water-resistant sealings

Solar Crank Emergency Radio FAQ – FosPower

3. AM FM Battery Operated Portable Pocket Radio – Best Reception and Longest Lasting

Vondior Battery Operated Radio
12,640 Reviews
Vondior Battery Operated Radio

Vondior Radio Specifications

Item Weight 3.2 Ounces
Product Dimensions 4.7 x 2.75 x 1.1 inches
Power Source Battery Powered
Batteries x2 AA (not included)
Antenna Long Range
Headphone Built-In Headphone Port
Emergensy Ready Yes
Tuning Dial Yes
FM Reception Sencitive & Clear, able to pick up multiple stations, even in rural areas

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You will unwind by listening to your favorite music station with this AM/FM Portable Pocket Radio, with zero disruptions, and no frustrating touch screens with infinite options. This radio even fits well in your bathroom, but as a reliable, weatherproof alternative for the trail or sail, or even for emergency use.

Weather Radio

The NOAA by Vondior is small and lightweight, enabling you to chuck it into any kit. To pick up FM stations, it utilizes 2 AA batteries, an analog tuning system, and a built-in antenna. It also receives constant weather forecasts and relevant NOAA emergency weather warnings.


In a couple of hours’ time, using the radio during the day burns up batteries. Your AA batteries would last for weeks with this AM/FM radio. so, you will remain connected and receive broadcast news in real-time with this AM/FM transistor radio.


You notice that space is a significant consideration if you’re putting together an emergency preparedness bag. Big, heavy radios would take up space for other important things that are needed. Not only does this radio work for the AM/FM feature, but it can also be used reliably for its long-lasting battery life for emergency purposes.

Pros Cons
Simple and easy to use Some parts might have poor quality plastic
Sensitive and clear reception
Sturdy and great sound quality

AM FM Battery Operated Portable Pocket Radio Video Review

4. Sony ICFP26 – Best Portable Radio by Design

Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio
10,390 Reviews
Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio

Sony ICFP26 Radio Specifications

Item Weight 3.04 Ounces
Product Dimensions 1.5 x 4.69 x 2.74 inches
Power Source Battery Powered, 2 x AA (sold separately)
Radio Bands Supported 2-Band
Display Type LED, LED tuning indicator & LED battery status indicator
Included Features Built-in speaker and headphone jack, Telescoping antenna, Carrying strap for added convenience, Integrated AM/FM radio tuner
Output Power 100 mW
Input and Output Terminals Earphone Output; Headphones Output

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The Sony ICFP26 is a compact and portable AM/FM radio that is robust, stable, and versatile that will last for a long time, even when used regularly. The inclusion of both a headphone jack and a speaker enables the user to select whether to transmit to the whole room or to tailor the listening experience by themselves.

Sleek and Lightweight Design

A modest, but simple design comes with the Sony ICFP26. It’s quite lightweight, and in many cases, especially when you’re hiking or on the move, this is very helpful. The stylish style is also a bonus, as it makes the radio an ideal alternative for modern households to display.

Carrying Strap and LED Light

In addition to the portable size, a carry harness that allows you entry to high-quality sound without the need to keep the system in the picket increases usability. Thanks to the LED indicator, this Sony ICFP26 is also easy to use, which users find useful at night or in low light environments.


Overall, the Sony ICFP26 is one of the market’s finest portable AM/FM radios. This lightweight, vertical AM/FM radio is the best match for rooms with premium capacity. It’s a decent choice for day to day use of the radio.

Pros Cons
Minimalist design The battery is not rechargeable
Compact and flexible
Telescoping antenna

Sony ICF-P26 Portable AM/FM Radio Video Review

5. Avantree SP850 Portable FM Radio 3-in-1 – Great Versatile and Multifunctional

Avantree SP850 Portable FM Radio 3-in-1
11,240 Reviews
Avantree SP850 Portable FM Radio 3-in-1

Avantree SP850 Radio Specifications

Item Weight 5.44 Ounces
Product Dimensions 5.2 x 1.3 x 2.6 inches
Frequency 108 MHz
Voltage 5 volts_of_alternating_current
Radio Bands Supported FM
Power Source AC & Battery
Hardware Interface MicroSD, USB
Connections FM & Bluetooth, with FM radio and TF card
Rechargeable Battery Powered by Nokia-type Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (BL-5C)
Bluetooth Work Time Up to 6 hours
Bluetooth Operational Range Up to 10 meters
Micro SD Card Support MP3, WMA, WAV format
Storage Capacity Max 32G
Speaker Output Power 3W
Speaker Frequency Range 90Hz ~ 18 kHz
Charge Time About 2 hours
FM Work Time Up to 6 hours
FM Frequency Range 87MHz to 108MHz
Charge Voltage 5V–500mA

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Bluetooth, FM antenna, MicroSD card playback, and an auxiliary port are included in this Avantree SP850 3-in-1 multipurpose speaker. It also comes with Li-ion battery packs that are rechargeable and a headphone port, which are outstanding price inclusions. The radio is well-built and has a good volume control turn on/off with a touch of a vintage ode to previous old radios.

Easy Interface

The radio itself is very compact and can easily sit in your hand. You can see a small LCD screen with six keys on the front side, including menu, mode, and Bluetooth, among others. In addition to the volume control switch, with both sides outlined in a bright red color, the interface is very modern.

Incorporated Antenna and Headphones Port

The radio comes with an incorporated antenna, but you can use a USB cable as an addition if you ever find like the FM signal intensity is not adequate. Since the radio emits modest amounts of volume, it is better used in quiet environments. Alternatively, you could still use the port for headphones, which is really very handy considering the size of the transmitter.


The 3-in-1 Avantree SP850 is a little radio with a ton of features. You could have discovered one of the best Bluetooth portable radios around if you’re looking for a lightweight, inexpensive FM radio with Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries.

Pros Cons
Many features Poor sound quality
Carrying strap and backlit LED light
Rechargeable battery included

Video User Guide for Avantree SP850

6. PowerBear Portable Radio – Excellent Handheld

PowerBear Portable Radio
22,028 Reviews
PowerBear Portable Radio

PowerBear Radio Specifications

Item Weight 3.36 Ounces
Product Dimensions 4.6 x 2.7 x 1.1 inches
Power Source Battery Powered, 2AA Batteries (not included)
Radio Bands Supported 2-Band
Hardware Interface 3.5mm Audio
Connections AUX
Speakers Built-in high powered
Headphone Built-in headphone port
Reception Long range
FM 80 – 108 MHz
AM 530 – 1600 KHz
SNR 34 dB
Warranty Lifetime warranty

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For those far removed from outdoor activities that do not involve the use of a computer, this handy little radio is the ideal device for you. This radio is unchanged and is crafted to be flexible, durable, and portable. Simple dials and switches for control enable you to use the radio with a single hand.

Good Sound Quality

It is operated by 2 AA batteries, which with mild use will go on for many days non-stop. The built-in speakers, while thin, are powerful and offer incredible sound quality. And if you like to listen personally, via the 3.5mm jack, you might even get stereo-quality listening with earphones connected.

Long-Range Antenna for Wide Frequency

This compact radio is constructed with a long-range antenna which will keep you communicating all the way out in nature with your local radio stations. The frequency range for the radio is extensive: FM is 80 – 108 MHz, while the frequency range for AM is 530 – 1600 kHz.


This compact and portable radio’s powerful speakers will let you experience its many features with many others, so no need to sacrifice volume and quality in its sound. It’s one of the best handheld radios in the market with tons of advantages for your convenience.

Pros Cons
Built-in headphone port It might be hard to pick up the frequency
Portable compact design
Great sound quality

PowerBear Portable Radio | AM/FM, Battery Operated, Long Range Reviews


We hope that this article has been helpful in providing you with some guidelines to follow when shopping for a quality portable radio. Remember, everyone’s needs and tastes are different, so it’s important to shop around until you find the perfect radio for you. Don’t forget to research different stores and websites for the best deals. And if you’re looking for more helpful tips about audio products, be sure to check out our other articles. We hope you find the perfect radio soon! Thanks for reading!