Swingin' West-Mike Gross

twangtown Sept.2010 - Now December 30, 2018

Western Swing Do Country

  1. Theme- All from Hank Williams
    • Hey Good Lookin'- Western Lights (indie) (BMI)
    • Cold Cold Heart- Wayne Glasson (Vocal- Kathy Wolfe) (indie) (BMI)
    • I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry- Billy Armstrong (Hillside) (BMI)
  2. Theme- Composer's Corner- Roger Miller
    • Invitation to the Blues- Eddie McAlvain (indie) (BMI)
    • Half a Mind- Don Sulesky (indie) (BMI)
    • When Two World's Collide- John Hughey (John Hughey Music) (BMI)
  3. Western Concert- Western Artists Do Country
    • Do What You Do-Do Well- Linda Lee Filener (indie) (BMI)
    • Foolish Questions- Flying W Wranglers (indie) (unknown)
    • Welcome to My World- Les Gilliam (Rockin' S) (BMI)
  4. Theme
    • Two Dollars in the Jukebox- Mike Sweeney (indie) (BMI)
    • I Still Miss Someone- Caroline Akerlind & Country Minstrels(Live- Sweden 1-15-05)
    • Neon Sun- Chuck Cusimano (Cusimusico) (BMI)
  5. Theme
    • I'm Bringin' Home Good News- Brent and Randy Mason (Battle Apple) (unknown)
    • Something Stupid- Rusty McDonald (indie) (BMI)
  6. Lilly Dale- Tony Farr (Farview) (BMI)