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Swingin' West - Mike Gross

March 6, 2010
2:00-3:00 PM (Eastern)- NOW July 29, 2018

Western Swing Meets Pop Big Band

  1. Theme
    • Don't Get Around Much Anymore- Les Gilliam (Lunacy) (CD- Oklahoma- 1955)
    • All of Me- Jimmy & Starla Queen (Q-Tone) (CD- Jazzitude!)
    • Georgia On My Mind- Don Sulesky (CD- Favorite Requests)
  2. Western Concert
    • Did You Mean That Last Good-bye- Jimmie Dale (Continental) (Palace) (LP- Songs of the Old West)
    • Cowboy School- The Old West Trio (CD- Ridin' Back to Yesterday)
    • Buttons and Bows- Barbara Nelson (CD- Back to My Boots & Saddle)
  3. Theme- Glenn Miller
    • In the Mood- The Desperados (Rio) (CD- Desperado)
    • People Like You and Me- Mark Wayne (CD- Authentic Masters)
    • Cowboy Serenade- Dan T. Chambers (Timelesstyle) (CD- Compilation Vol. 2)
  4. Texas Dance Hall Time
    • It's Dark All Over the World- Howard Kalish (Behemoth) (CD- What the Hey)
    • Together, We Can Find a Way- Ben Chesney (CD- She's My Kind of Lady)
    • I Never Go Around Mirrors- Kenny Seratt (Hillside) (In 2CDs- Best of Kenny Seratt & Hillside Records Country Song Roundup)
  5. Theme
    • Cherokee- Jim Cohen (Acceptable) (CD- Four to the Bar)
    • You Call Everybody Darlin'- River Road Boys (Buzzard Roost) (CD- Houston)
  6. My Darling Nellie Gray- Dave Bourne (Old Coot) (CD- Saloon Piano Volume II)