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August 21, 2010
NOW July 14, 2019

Western Swing Salute to the Ladies

  1. Theme
    • Ida Red- Lone Pine Western Swing Band (Gandy Dancer) (CD- Goodbye Liza Jane Hello Western Swing)
    • Miss Molly- Western Lights (CD- Bob Played Here)
    • Sweet Georgia Brown- Calvin Vollrath (Canadian Import) (CD- Just for the Swing of It)
  2. Theme
    • Lyla Lou- Marshall Ford Swing Band (CD- It's About Dam Time)
    • Little Jane Ann- Cornell Hurd Band (Behemoth) (CD- A Bad Year for Love)
    • Lucille- Billy Armstrong (Hillside) (CD- World's Greatest Fiddle Player)
  3. Western Swing do Country
    • The Race is On- Georgette Jones (Heart of Texas) (CD- A Slightly Used Woman)
    • Sweet Dreams- Billy Thompson Band (Bo-Kay) (Vocal- Katie Jean Thompson) (CD- The Billy Thompson Show)
    • Drinking Champagne- Don Sulesky (CD- Takin' Life Easy)
  4. Western Concert
    • Song for Sky- Ron Christopher (Dual Tone) (CD- Silver Screen Heroes & Other Legends)
    • The Saga of Diamondfield Jack- Frank Fara (CD- Songs of the Untamed West)
    • Life's Too Short- Richard Lee Cody & Mary Kaye (Musikode) (CD- Way Out West)
  5. Theme
    • Dev'lish Mary- Bob Wills & Texas Playboys (Vocal- Tommy Duncan) (CD- Bob Wills in Hollywood 1943-1944)
    • Corrine Corrina- Tom Houston Orchestra (AH-HA) (CD- Tuxedo Country Vol. II)
    • Lily Dale- Darrell McCall & Willie Nelson (Heart of Texas) (CD- Lily Dale)
    • January, April and Me- Curtis Potter (Hillside) (CD- Hillside Records Country Song Roundup)
    • Lillie's White Lies- Johnny Bush (Heart of Texas) (CD- Lillie's White Lies)
  6. Faded Love- Bob Wills (Longhorn) (Bear Family) (German Import) (13CD 1DVD Set- Faded Love 1947-1973)