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Swingin' West - Mike Gross

KSEY-FM July 31, 2011
Now- June 21, 2020

Composers Corner- Fred Rose

  1. Theme
    • Roly Poly- The Ball Family (CD- Texas to a "T")
    • Who's Heart are You Breaking Now- Brady Bowen & Friends (West Texas Country) (CD- A Tribute to Billy Dozier)
    • Worried Over You- Billy Mata & Texas Tradition (KtttM) (CD- This is Tommy Duncan Volume Two)
  2. Theme
    • Home in San Antone- The Sundowners (Vocal- Sharyn Lee) (CD- Take 3)
    • Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain- Mary Kaye (Musicode) (CD- Clean Outta Luck)
    • Deep Water- Wayne Glasson & Friends (CD- Dedicated to the Memory of Bobby Boatright)
  3. Western Swing Do Pop
    • Pennies From Heaven- Jimmy Burson (CD- Back in the Swing!)
    • Near You- Mike & Brenda True (CD- True Country)
    • Wonderland By Night- Bill Morris & the All Stars (West Texas Country) (2CD set- Volume I & II)
  4. Western Concert
    • Dusty Boots- Keeter Stuart & Trio Bravo (CD- Deeper West)
    • Riding Back to Texas- Katy Creek (CD- Wild Rose)
    • Dreams of Long Ago- Will Dudley (CD- Trying to Rope the Moon)
  5. Theme
    • Hang Your Head in Shame- Mike Sweeney (CD- Steelin' the Show)
    • We Live in Two Different Worlds- Donna Darlene & Sky King (Stardust) (CD- Comp. #83)
    • I Guess I've Been Asleep- Rome Johnson & his Saddle Pals (MGM) (Cattle) (LP- Down in My Neck of the Woods)
  6. Maiden's Prayer- Texas Sand (CD- Texas Sand)