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Swingin' West - Mike Gross

August 7, 2010
NOW_ June 16, 2019

Western Swing Do Pop

  1. Theme
    • How High the Moon- Nashville Swing Band Under Dir. of Buddy Spicher (Vocal- Andrea Ladd) (CD- Pick Yourself Up!)
    • I'll Never Be Free- Lil' Linn & the Lookout Boys (Enviken) (Swedish Import) (CD- Sharpshooting Gal)
    • My Secret Love- Jerry Webb & All Star Dance Band (CD & DVD- Live at Pearls)
  2. Theme
    • Route 66- Tony Harrison & Hot Texas (CD- Swingin' Big)
    • Cheatin' On Me- Becky Kilgore & James Mason (PHD) (CD- Cactus Setup)
    • Somebody Else is Taking My Place- Wayne Glasson & Friends (CD- Dedicated to the Memory of Bobby Boatright)
  3. Western Swing Inspirational
    • Don't Let the Devil Dance- The Captain's Crew (CPC) (CD- The Captain's Crew)
    • I Want to Stroll Over Heaven with You- Eddie McAlvain (CD- Whatever You Want Me to Be)
    • Church in the Wildwood- John Hughey (John Hughey Music) (CD- He Touched Me)
  4. Western Concert- Arizona
    • Song of the Grand Canyon- Patty Parker (Comstock) (CD- Southwestern Serenade & CD Single)
    • Sedona Serenade- Frank Fara (Comstock) (CD- Songs of the Untamed West)
    • This Arizona Night- Lorraine Rawls (Prairie Schooner) (CD-Through Her Eyes)
  5. Theme
    • Old Fashioned Love- Western Lights (CD- Favorites of Ours)
    • You Always Hurt the One You Love- Chuck Lettes (Vibrato) (CD- Cool Blue Steel)
    • Swingin' on a Star- Barbara Nelson (CD- When I was a Cowgirl)
  6. My Darling Nellie Gray- Dave Bourne (Old Coot) (CD- Saloon Piano- Vol. 2)