Swingin' West-Mike Gross

twangtown.usa Hour # 14-10/08- Now June 10, 2018

Texas Theme

  1. Theme
    • Under the X in Texas- Paul Main (indie) (BMI)
    • Call Back My Heart Texas Moon- Gaylynn Robinson (Rufus) (unknown)
    • When You Leave Amarillo- Cody Dodson (indie) (BMI)
  2. Theme
    • Texas State of Mind- Will Dudley (indie) (unknown)
    • Waltz Across Texas- Gunsmoke (Young Pioneer) (BMI)
    • Blue Bonnet Waltz- Dennis Ivey (IMG) (unknown)
  3. Western Concert- Theme
    • That Bright Texas Star- Curly Musgrave (Curly J) (BMI)
    • Texas for Me- Mindy Petersen (Prairie Rose) (ASCAP)
    • Red River Valley- Sons of the Rio Grande (Baroque) (PD)
  4. Texas Dance Hall Time
    • Fraulein/Crazy Arms- Mike O'Daniel (Patriot) (BMI)
    • Statue of a Fool- Johnny Lyon (Nu Country) (BMI)
    • Holding Hands- Cornell Hurd & Amber Digby (Behemoth) (unknown)
  5. Theme
    • Beaumont Rag- Swing Commanders (indie) (UK Import) (ASCAP)
    • Swing Me Back to Texas- Kelli Grant (Silverfalls) (BMI)
    • Put a Little Texas in Your Swing- Mary Allen-Keating & River Road Boys (indie) (unknown)
  6. Maiden's Prayer- Bobbe Seymour (ASCAP)