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Swingin' West - Mike Gross

KSEY-FM May 29, 2011
NOW- April 19, 2020

Western Swing Go South

  1. Theme
    • That's What I Like About the South- Miss Devon & the Outlaw (2 Song CD- Sharin' the Moon With You)
    • Banks of the Withlacoochee- Don Sulesky (CD- Favorite Requests)
    • Blues For Dixie-(Liberty) (13CD-1DVD Set- Faded Love Bob Wills & Texas Playboys 1947-1973)
  2. Theme
    • I've Got a Round Trip Ticket From Here to Chattanooga- Wesley Tuttle (Capitol) (Provincia) (LP- Tennessee Rose)
    • Tennessee Wig Walk- Betsy Gay & Russ Morgan Orch. (Decca) (CD- The Early Years- 1946-1957)
    • Little Rock Getaway- The Bordertown Bootleggers (CD- The Bordertown Bootleggers)
  3. Texas Dance Hall Time
    • She Only Made Me Love You More- Kenny Seratt (Hillside) (CD- The Best of Kenny Seratt- Vol 2)
    • Satin Sheets- Christina DeMaio (Young Pioneer) (CD- Music for Hope- The Event CD)
    • College Made for Fools- J.R. Dunn (West Texas Country) (CD- Compilation # 25)
  4. Western Concert- Cowboy by Country Artists
    • The Battle of Little Big Horn- Eddy Arnold (RCA Victor) (LP- Thereby Hangs a Tale!)
    • Outlaw and the Angel- Fred Carter Jr. (Stardust) (CD- Compilation #17)
    • Virginia City- Lynn Anderson (Showboat) (CD- Cowgirl II)
  5. Theme
    • Midnight Tennessee Woman- Ron Elliott (Ronell) (CD- Treasures From the Greene Years)
    • My Window Faces the South- Ricky Boen & Texas Mud (Westex) (CD- Texas Swing Done Right Volume 2)
    • Nashville Is Rough on the Living- Hermann Lammers Meyer & Johnny Bush (CD- Nashville Is Rough on the Living)
    • Tennessee Has Swing- Tennessee Bill Foster (Stardust) (CD- Compilation #81)
  6. Faded Love- Frankie McWhorter (Maverick Books) (CS- Fiddle Tunes Bob Wills Taught Me)