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Swingin' West - Mike Gross

KSEY-FM May 22, 2011
Now- April 12, 2020

Western Swing Do Country

  1. Theme
    • Gotta Travel On- Joe Paul Nichols & Jan Howard (Heart of Texas) (CD- Friends in High Places)
    • The Shoe Goes on the Other Foot Tonight- Kenny Seratt & Leona Williams (CD- The Best of Kenny Seratt- Vol 2)
    • This Time I Almost Made it- Sonny, Hal & Weldon (CD- Steel Guitars of the Grand Ole Opry!)
  2. Theme
    • The Auctioneer- Nick DeMaio Sr. (Young Pioneer) (CD- Music for Hope- The Event CD)
    • You Better Move On- Rick Alexander (RACo) (CD- Songs From the Old Country)
    • It's All in the Movies- Mike Sweeney (CD- Fillin' Up the Dance Floor)
  3. Western Concert- Cowboy Movie & TV Themes
    • TV Westerns Medley- Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue (Slim Chance) (CD- Herds, Horses & Song)
    • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance- Flying W Wranglers & Colorado Springs Philharmonic (2CD- Live in Concert)
    • Bat Masterson- Les Gilliam (Diamond W) (CD- Memories of TV Westerns)
  4. Theme
    • Hickory Wind- Joe Goldmark & Mental Revenge (Lo-Ball) (CD- Seducing the 60s)
    • That's What I Do Best- Curtis Potter (Stardust) (CD- Compilation # 83)
    • Sweet Memories- Jack Stoner (CD- Steel Time)
  5. Theme
    • Anytime- Connecticut Country Companions (Happy Franklin) (CD- Triple C)
    • Slowly- Los Pistoleros (Track) (UK Import) (CD- Trigger Happy)
    • Hello Out There- Darrell McCall (Heart of Texas) (CD- Keeping With Tradition)
  6. Lily Dale- Dick Barrett & Paul Anastasio (Swing Cat) (CD- Twin Fiddle Western Swing Volume 2)