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Swingin' West- Mike Gross

January 2, 2010
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Top 10 "Swingin' West" Songs- 2009

  1. Theme
    • 10-She's Comin' Home With Me- John England & Western Swingers (Lickety Split) (CD- Open That Gate)
    • 9- California Mountains- The Stardust Cowboys (CD- Ridin' Back to You)
    • 8- Old Town- John England & Western Swingers (Lickety Split) (CD- Open That Gate)
    • 7- Feelin' Blue for Texas- Marshall Ford Swing Band (CD- Live at Lambert's)
  2. Theme
    • 6- Crystal Canyon- Patty Parker (Comstock) (CD- Southwestern Serenade)
    • 5- I'll Take the Blame- Price Porter (CD- Last Call For Heartaches)
    • 4- Over the Hill- River Road Boys (Buzzard Roost) (CD- Houston)
  3. Theme
    • 3- Southern Hospitality- Cornell Hurd Band (Behemoth) (CD- American Shadows- The Songs of Moon Mullican)
    • 2- Are You Teasing Me- Bobby Flores (Yellow Rose) (CD- Eleven Roses)
    • 1- Brownsville- John England & Western Swingers (Lickety Split) (CD- Open That Gate)
  4. Western Concert- Horse and Rodeo Songs
    • Outlaw- David John & Comstock Cowboys (Aztec) (CD- Gather 'round Cowboys)
    • Old Cheyenne- Ivan Daines (RCR) (Canadian Import) (CS- Country Music Collection)
    • God Gave Us the Horse- Fletcher Jowers (CD- Church at the Wagon)
  5. Mixed Grouping
    • Higgins, Texas- Texas Panhandle Band (Vocal- Rick Martinez) (CS & CD- Unissued)
    • Jake and Mary's Colorado Club- Cliff Douglas (New River) (CD- Truckin' Country)
    • Losin' My Senses- Gary & Carol Bibb (Nite-Sky) (CD- Nite-Sky Compilation 804)
  6. Summit Ridge Drive- River Road Boys (Bellaire) (CD- The River Road Boys Featuring the Twin Fiddles of Bob White & Clyde Brewer)