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Swingin' West - Mike Gross

June 12, 2010
Now- March 3, 2019

Western Swing Do Western

  1. Theme
    • Running Bear-Bob Wills (Vocal-Johnny Preston) (Kapp)(Bear Family)(13CD-1DVD Set- Faded Love 1947-1973)
    • Idaho- Jody Carver & Johnny Cucci (CD- Hot Club of America in Hi-Fi)
    • Tumbling Tumbleweeds- Jim Stricklan (Front Room) (CD- Grand Canyon)
  2. Theme
    • New Panhandle Rag- Western Lights (CD- Bob Played Here)
    • When I Was a Cowgirl Out on the Western Plain- Barbara Nelson (CD- When I Was a Cowgirl)
    • Where That Little Light Shines-Steel Country(Vocal- Chuck Cusimano)(Crusin Debi Do)(CD- Country, Hard as Steel)
  3. Western Concert
    • Charming Billy-Billy the Kid-Frank Fara(Comstock)&(WestTexasCountry)(In2CDs-Songs of the Untamed West & WTC #43)
    • Rough Ridin' Cowboy Heroes- Tom Hiatt (Musikode) (2CD- The Silver Screen Cowboy Project)
    • Shenandoah- Don Sulesky (CD- Favorite Requests)
  4. Texas Dance Hall Time
    • Green Snakes- Johnny Lyon & The Country Nu-Notes (Nu-Country) (CD- The Austin Sessions)
    • Walk on By- Ray Sanders (Hillside) (CD- Funny How Time Slips Away)
    • Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy- Jake Hooker (Startex) (CD- The Outsider)
  5. Theme
    • Sandstorm From Sedona- Sandy Reay (Colorado Sandstorm) (CD- I Wanted to Fly)
    • Up the Draw- Jim Garling (CD- Here Comes a Change)
    • Along the Navajo Trail- Rusty & Dory Dutton (WTC) (CD- West Texas Country Comp. #29)
    • End of the Trail- Doug Moreland (Timelesstyle) (Compilation CD #6)
  6. Maiden's Prayer- Ricky Boen & Texas Mud (Westex) (CD- Trail to San Antone)