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Swingin' West - Mike Gross

May 29, 2010
Now- February 3, 2019

Songs Written By the Artist

  1. Theme
    • Higgins, Texas- Texas Panhandle Band Under the Direction of Hank Pell (Vocal- Rick Martinez) (CD- Unissued)
    • I Don't See No Country in Them Heels- Don Sulesky (CD- Shenandoah)
    • Down at Cecil's- Curt Shoemaker (Lunacy) (CD- Sunset Over the Heartland)
  2. Theme
    • Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!- Rick & The Ramblers (Airflyte) (CD- I Rode the Ti)
    • Tartar is the Colour- Stretch Dawrson & Mending Hearts (UK Import) (CD- Celtex Swing)
    • Taters and Beans- Steel Country (Cruisin Debi Do) (CD- Country, Hard as Steel)
  3. Western Concert- Theme
    • Golden Grizzly- The Tumbling Tumbleweeds (CD- The Tumbling Tumbleweeds)
    • Cyclone Song- Diamond W Wranglers (Diamond W) (CD- The Old & the New)
    • Navajo Land- Patty Parker (Comstock) (CD- Southwestern Serenade)
  4. Texas Dance Hall Time- Theme
    • Whiskey Man- Curtis Potter, Tony Booth & Darrell McCall (Heart of Texas) (CD- The Survivors)
    • The Best Man- Ron Williams (Heart of Texas) (CD- Texas Style)
    • Am I Dreamin'- Ben Chesney (CD- She's My Kind of Lady)
  5. Theme
    • Bob Played Here- Western Lights (CD- Bob Played Here)
    • Penman Swing- Calvin Vollrath (Canadian Import) (CD- Friendship)
    • Lonestar Ladies- Ray Sanders (Hillside) (CD- Funny How Time Slips Away)
  6. Faded Love- Bill Morris & the All Stars (West Texas Country) (2CD Set- Bill Morris & the All Stars Vol I & II)