Swingin' West - Mike Gross

twangtown-Nov. 2010- Now January 27, 2019

Western Swing Salute the Big Bands

  1. Theme
    • Alright, Okay, You Win- Leon Rausch & Asleep at the Wheel (Bismeaux) (BMI)
    • Yearning Just for You- Buddy Spicher & Vassar Clements (OMS) (ASCAP)
    • Swannee River- Don Sulesky (indie) (PD)
  2. Theme
    • I Get the Blues When it Rains- Retta Christie with David Evans & Dave Frishberg (Retta) (ASCAP)
    • Sentimenal Journey- Swing Commanders (indie- UK Import) (ASCAP)
    • All of Me- Herby Wallace (HWP) (Unknown)
  3. Western Swing Blues
    • Weary Lonesome Blues- Carolina Cotton with Andy Parker & the Plainsmen (Kit Fox) (BMI)
    • Trouble in Mind- Western Lights (indie) (ASCAP)
    • Nashville Blues- Hermann Lammers Meyer & Sandra Caroll (Desert Kid) (German Import) (EMI)
  4. Western Concert- Trail Songs
    • Hittin' the Trail Tonight- Prickly Pair (Rockhouse) (Unknown)
    • Drivin' the Bozeman Trail- The Lobo Rangers (Old Coot) (Unknown)
    • Trail of Memories- Robert Wagoner (High Country) (Unknown)
  5. Theme
    • Whispering- Wayne Glasson & Friends (indie) (ASCAP)
    • Nagasaki- Damian Green Band (indie) (ASCAP)
    • Stompin' at the Savoy- Marshall Ford Swing Band (Vocal- Emily Gimble) (indie) (ASCAP)
  6. My Darling Nellie Gray- Dave Bourne (Old Coot) (BMI)