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Swingin' West - Mike Gross

KSEY-FM February 27, 2011
Now- January 26, 2020

Western Swing Salute to the Ladies

  1. Theme
    • Sweet Georgia Brown- Johnny Gimble (Vocal- Merle Haggard) (CMH) (CD- Celebrating With Friends)
    • Corrine Corrina- Willie Nelson & Asleep at the Wheel (Bismeaux) (CD- Now Playing- Willie & the Wheel)
    • Lily Dale- Jack Stoner (CD- Steel Time)
  2. Theme
    • Goodbye Liza Jane- Bob Wills (From 1944 Columbia Movie- Lawless Empire) (CD- Bob Wills in Hollywood)
    • Angel Judy- Jody Nix (Hillside) (CD- Twin Fiddles Turn Me On)
    • Maggie- Calvin Vollrath (Canadian Import) (CD- Steppin' Out)
  3. Where Western Swing & Bluegrass Meet
    • Down This Road Again- Susie Knight (CD- Western Wordsmith)
    • Friday Night Hoedown- Rich Lester (CD- Steel and Fiddle Savvy)
    • Faded Love- Western Lights (CD- Favorites of Ours)
  4. Theme
    • Miss Molly- 3 Trails West (CD- 3 Trails West)
    • MS Busy- Don Burnham (Redoubtable) (CD- I Dreamed Count Basie Was a Cowboy)
    • Down at Ginny's- Curtis Potter, Tony Booth & Darrell McCall (Heart of Texas) (CD- The Survivors)
  5. Theme
    • Sweet Maddie Cates- R.J.Vandygriff (CSP) (CD- The Cowboy Ain't Dead Yet! Vol. III)
    • Ida Red- Oklahoma Stomp (CD- On the Road)
    • My Darling Birgitta- Ambrogio Gaigher (Brazilian Import) (Genes) (CD- King of the Hawaiian Guitar Vol 4)
    • Lucy LaRue- Mary Kaye (Musicode) (CD- Clean Outta Luck)
  6. Maiden's Prayer- Mike O'Daniel (Patriot) (CD- Mike O'Daniel Vol. III)